Drew Alexander Baird Spencer was born and raised in Stafford, the West Midlands, give or take a few years spent in Scotland. Being the son to a Scottish mother and a half Welsh father, he considers himself rather British. Or, quite possibly, a Scottish Englishman who could have played for Wales. In fact, he is one generation off being eligible for the Northern Ireland football team - so indeed, he is rather British.

His education began in Livingston, Scotland at Williamston Primary School. Where, on his first day, Drew kicked his teacher proclaiming that, being under the age of 5, he was too young to go to school; by the end of the day he was happy having drawn a picture. However, it wasn't long before young Drew found himself back in Stafford where he would stay (begrudgingly) until he completed his A-levels at Stafford Grammar School. A school that, at the age of 11, he chose for himself; it would seem that in 7 years he had somewhat learned to enjoy his education.

After his A-levels, Drew chose to return to his mother's homeland to study at University. 4 years later he graduated with an MA in Literary Studies from the University of Glasgow. Drew readily admits that he should have worked much harder at University and possibly in a different field given the fact that he graduated into a rather uncertain economic environment. Nevertheless, he enjoyed his experiences at University so much that he insists he'd never change it for the world (that old cliché!)

All this time Drew wrote and enjoyed creating stories. From around the age of 15 he began writing poetry as a means to express those pesky teenage feelings - the bulk of which appear in his first published collection. For him, poetry is mainly a hobby that he never thought he'd share with the world but it, along with the occasional journalistic article, keeps him busy. His real passion lies in fiction. He continues to work on his first novel and various screenplays. Hoping, as all writers do, that his 'big break' will be just around the corner.